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NDHC recognizes employee service years

Pictured: Charlotte Clayton, 40 years; Amber Mutchler, 15 years; Suzanne Ellingson, 20 years; Ann Larson, 25 years; Condetta Ness, 45 years; Becky Johnson, 5 years; Erik Burke, 5 years; Katie Mehs, 5 years.

Earlier this month, NDHC honored 20 employees with more than 370 years of service to NDHC and communities it serves.

“The longevity and commitment to our community and NDHC is incredible. The strength of our organization is the people who have made caring for our community residents their passion. We’re thankful for the work they do every day,” said CEO Brock Sherva.

Service Award Honorees:

45 years

Condetta Ness

40 Years

Charlotte “Chuckie” Clayton

35 years

Diane Twete

30 years

Dianne Maristuen

Tina Schwartz

25 years

Cyndi Hannestad

Ann Larson

Luann Stevens

20 years

Suzanne Ellingson

15 years

Peggy Haugen

Amber Mutchler

10 years

Desiree Bachmeier

Jayme Hobbs

Bonnie Lambert

Misty Martin

5 years

Erik Burke

Becky Johnson

Katie Mehs

Gina Metzler

Jacob Richards

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