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The freedom to live independently is important to people with physical and medical challenges or aging individuals who live alone. NDHC can help you maintain your self-sufficiency and receive help when you need it. Living independently doesn't have to mean taking a risk!

With a medical safety monitoring system, a control panel is installed in your home and a wireless device is kept with you at all times. When the device alert button is activated, an alarm is sent to the control panel, which automatically calls NDHC's 24-hour monitoring center.


About NDHC's Medical Monitoring

  • The panic button is water-resistant so you can keep it nearby while bathing.

  • Medical Monitoring is easy to install. The control panel is the brain of the system and is located near an electric outlet and a phone jack.

  • The control panel has a battery backup, which is automatically recharged so you're protected in case of power failure.

  • When the device is activated, the dispatcher will follow your pre-determined instructions and immediately alert a family member, friend, neighbor, or 911 to be with you within minutes.

  • The control panel can be equipped for two-way voice communications, allowing you and our dispatcher to talk with each other so you can provide details about your emergency. If you don't respond, emergency help is immediately dispatched.

  • NDHC provides equipment maintenance, battery replacements, and minor repairs.


One time set-up fee

In city of Northwood: $50

Out of town: $60

Basic System: $30/mo.

Control panel and alert uses an existing and active landline phone jack.

​Cell Phone System: $50/mo.

System connects through an existing cell phone and requires a separate phone service/plan through a cell phone provider.

Belle System: $50/mo.

For active individuals who travel in and out of the community and are moving about, this system goes with you, but doesn't rely on cell service. Carry this mobile device with you and at the touch of a button, the internal GPS will locate you and send help when you need it. This system features two-way communication, allowing you and a dispatcher to talk with each other.

Additional sensors can be leased to monitor your home for fire, furnace failure, carbon monoxide, water leaks and home security with no additional monitoring fees.

Medical monitoring may qualify for payment assistance through your local social services provider. NDHC is a qualified service provider of medical safety systems through social services in some areas. Contact your social services provider for information.

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