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NDHC continues to follow all recommendations and provide resources and support to reduce the impacts of COVID-19 in our communities. General public guidance often differs from healthcare and congregate living setting guidance. 

Current guidance is posted at entrances and throughout the facility.



  • Facemasks are recommended but not required unless otherwise posted at entrances. Disposable masks are available at the screening desk. Anyone with upper respiratory conditions (runny nose, sneezing, etc...) should wear a facemask during their visit. 

  • All public entrances are now open for visitors to use. Screening for symptoms prior to a visit is not required.

  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory infections including but not limited to cough, fever, or congestion should delay their visit to residents or patients. 

  • Any visitor who has tested positive for COVID 19 within the past 10 days are restricted from visiting until symptoms have improved and they are 10 days past a positive test.


​Vaccination remains one of the best ways to prepare the human body for potential and inevitable exposure. Although breakthrough infections are notably happening, staying up-to-date with vaccination gives your immune system a head start should you contract COVID-19.

  • NDHC offers vaccinations to eligible individuals. Call 701-587-6900 to schedule.

  • Enter your zip code at to find additional vaccine options


  • While supplies last, free at-home test kits (provided by the North Dakota Department of Health) are available to any resident at any of our 3 clinic locations

  • NDHC staff can perform COVID-19 pre-op, travel and post-exposure testing including PCR testing.

NDHC Precautions

  • More than 90% of NDHC employees are fully-vaccinated

  • Employees wear recommended personal protective equipment

  • COVID-19 testing for residents, patients, and staff is done per state and federal guidance.

  • Employees and visitors experiencing symptoms and/or testing positive are restricted from entering for 10 days from onset

  • Residents who test positive are isolated for 10 days (20 if indicated) and closely monitored and cared for.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

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