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NDHC is embarking on a building expansion that will transform rural healthcare in our region. Breaking ground in 2024, we’ll build out our state-of-the-art patient care centers including rehab therapies, 24-hour emergency care, and residential and in-patient care.  

The project positions NDHC to best support community needs and demands, which are steadily growing in outreach services and declining in residential care as more and more aging individuals are able to remain at home longer with home care and family supports. 

In 2022, a feasibility study determined a 25-bed facility will meet the demand for residential and inpatient care for local residents. We further determined a change in licensing structure from a traditional nursing home license to an expanded critical access hospital will enhance our ability to adequately staff and best serve community needs. This change does not affect our ability to provide long-term care, where our commitment to local residents is not wavering.


This $39.6 million project will include: 

  • State-of-the-art emergency care center with an enclosed emergency drop-off for greater accessibility

  • Increased imaging space to include a CT scanning room, bringing new diagnostic capabilities to the region 

  •  Expansion of rehab therapy spaces to better accommodate growing pediatric therapy demands 

  • Expanded residential living spaces with suites equipped with comfortable amenities and medical supports for 16 long-term care residents and nine in-patient rooms

A majority of the project will be funded by loans from the USDA and Bank of North Dakota, however, there will be a  funding shortfall that will need to be covered by fundraising efforts and operational revenues.


Make a donation online at this link or contact NDHC to learn more opportunities to be part this transformational project.

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