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Program named to state honor roll

Northwood Deaconess Health Center has been named to the ND Health & Human Services Department antimicrobial stewardship honor roll for 2023. The awards are presented in partnership with NDSU’s Center for Collaboration and Advancement in Pharmacy.

A facility’s antimicrobial stewardship program puts guidelines in place for proper prescription and use of medicines including antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals, which are used to treat infections and respiratory viruses, for example.

NDHC’s long-term care center received a gold award and our critical access hospital was recognized with a silver award.

“These awards are a recognition of our commitment to quality patient care and demonstration that NDHC meets and exceeds national guidelines,” said Andrew Johnson, NDHC’s clinical support manager and a member of our antimicrobial stewardship committee.

The honor roll was developed to:

  1. Recognize facilities meeting each of the CDC's seven core elements of antimicrobial stewardship

  2. Promote optimal use of antimicrobials

  3. Prevent the emergence of antimicrobial resistance and C. difficile infections

  4. Showcase participating facilities


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