Outpatient Cardiac Rehab

Started in 1997, the Cardiac Rehab Program includes Phase II and Phase III intervention. Phase II involves intense telemetry monitoring with a therapist for exercise prescription and a nurse certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Phase III is a maintenance program monitored by a RN. Clients maintain benefits gained in treatment.

Treatment may include ongoing education and support in a healthy diet plan, reading food labels correctly, how to quit smoking, weight loss and medication review.

Clients who attend the Cardiac Rehab Program are working toward recovery after bypass surgery, stent placement, post heart attack without surgical intervention, congestive heart failure and patients recovering from a heart transplant.

Cardiac Rehab is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings 8 am - 12 am in the community fitness center located in the Rehab Department.

Contact our office at 701-587-6469 for more information or to talk with a cardiopulmonary nurse.

Cardiac Rehabilitation staff:

  • Ann Larson, RN, ACLS Certified

  • Kris Bilden, PT

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