Meet Our Great Providers

John Berg.jpg

Jon Berg, MD


Dr. Berg has lived in the community for years and continues to be active in providing care to our long term care residents, as well as helping to cover the hospital and emergency room.

Dr. Stein.jpg

Erika Stein, MD


Dr. Erika Stein, a native of Langdon, ND,  is a graduate of the UND School of Medicine and just completed her residency training. She will be a full-time physician with a regular clinic schedule. Additionally, she will attend the hospital, emergency room, and nursing home patients. She will join the Medical Staff as a Family Practice Physician during the late summer of 2020.

Clinic schedule:

Northwood: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

Condeta Ness.jpg

Condetta Ness, FNP-C


Condetta has lived in this community and has worked for and with NDHC since the 1970's and comes with years of experience and knowledge. Condetta will work in both Northwood and Larimore.

Clinic schedule:

Larimore: Monday and Tuesday

Northwood: Wednesday, Thursday and every other Friday

Binford: One Wednesday a month

Lizz Sandberg.jpg

Lizz Sandberg, FNP-C


Lizz lives in Grand Forks, but has a genuine interest in serving the rural areas. She comes with years of experience in major trauma centers as an RN and is a recent graduate from the Nurse Practitioner Program at UND.

Clinic schedule:

Northwood: Tuesday and variable Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Larimore: Thursday

Brian Twete.jpg

Brian Twete, FNP-C


Brian has lived in the community for over a decade, was employed by NDHC in the past and comes with much experience and knowledge. 

Clinic schedule:

Northwood: Monday and Wednesday

Binford: Tuesday and Thursday


Erik Burke, FNP-C


Erik is originally from Larimore and a friend of both Northwood and Larimore communities. He is married to a Northwood native, Keely Pratt who is an RN. Erik will be seeing patients in Northwood and Larimore.

Clinic schedule:

Northwood: Monday and Thursday

Larimore: Wednesday and Friday

Jeanmarie Dahl.jpg

JeanMarie Dahl, PA-C

JeanMarie is a Northwood Native and is the daughter of Dr. Berg. She now lives in Grand Forks with her husband Preston. She will be in the Northwood Clinic Tuesdays and Fridays and will be working with Dr. Berg in the area nursing facilities and basic care facilities.

Clinic schedule: 

Northwood: Tuesday and Friday

Abbey Anderson.jpeg

Abbey Anderson, FNP, Dermatology

Abbey is from Sanford Health in East Grand Forks, MN and visits the Northwood Clinic the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month to treat patients with dermatology concerns.