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Frequently Asked Questions


Is NDHC closing its nursing home?

No. NDHC will provide long-term care services under an expanded hospital license. Technically we will not be licensed as a nursing home, however we will continue to provide long-term care to residents with the same commitment to quality care. Additionally, this change in licensing structure will streamline operations for our staff and the individuals who choose us as their provider.

Is NDHC currently taking new admissions for long term care?

We will begin the process of reducing the number of beds available. Currently, we are capped at 22 and are full. Individuals interested in long-term care will be added to our waiting list. We prioritize residents of communities in our service area. We invite individuals interested in residential care to contact our Social Services Manager.

What will your capacity be once the project is complete?

We will have 25 licensed rooms once the project is complete. Of these, 16 will be reserved for long-term care residents and 9 will be for temporary or swing bed patients. Today, we are licensed for 32 long-term care beds and have 12 temporary/swing bed rooms.

Why is NDHC reducing the number of beds available?

The demand for nursing home care continues to decline across the region, the state, and across the country. As we analyzed our demand, we saw that a large percent of referrals were coming from the Grand Forks community and surrounding areas. With expanded long-term care services opening in the Grand Forks area in recent years, we anticipate a significant reduction in that demand. We are right-sizing our capacity to accommodate anticipated local demand from residents in our immediate service area based on occupancy over the past 5 years.

Will costs and reimbursements change?

We will accept the same payment sources we always have, including ND Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and private pay. For residents with Medicaid, they shouldn’t experience any change in coverage because of the change in our licensing. For those with long-term care insurance, they should be in contact with their provider to confirm coverages. Medicare will cover up to 100 days of medically necessary skilled care, no different than currently for those eligible for that coverage. Residential costs in the new licensing model will be a flat daily rate. Hospital and outpatient costs are highly structured and regulated by insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. A new building carries with it significant new costs. The rates for senior living care will increase due to a new building with increased space. If we had stayed licensed as a nursing home, those same price increases would have followed. Medicare will increase payments to the facility due to increased construction costs. NDHC will remain diligent in managing cost increases to consumers as a result of the project.

Will NDHC continue to accept long-term care insurance after licensing structure changes?

If your long-term care insurance policy covers the swingbed level of care then it will be accepted as a source of payment.

Will NDHC continue to accept long-term care insurance after licensing structure changes?

If your long-term care insurance policy covers the swingbed level of care then it will be accepted as a source of payment.

What is the project's timeline?

We will break ground in the summer of 2023 on the first of three phases. The first phase, the largest, will build out the new residential space and is expected to take 17 months. Phases 2 and 3 will include the expansion of rehab and the reconfiguration of the main entrance. The total project is expected to take 27-32 months to complete.

Will my loved one have to move out during construction? Or move to a new room?

About half of our long term care residents will be relocated to temporary rooms during the first phase of construction while their new suites are being built. No current resident will be expected to move away from NDHC. Our contractor is intent on minimizing disruptions to the greatest degree possible for those living in the Center. NDHC will be in close communication with residents and their representatives throughout the process.

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